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Wake from Sleep failing - Mojave Vega 56 + GTX1080ti


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I'm having a issues with wake from sleep from Mojave. When I press the keyboard or mouse to wake, the keyboard lights up and fans start and then keyboard lights turn off - screens remain off the whole time. I can't access the system remotely either. The only way is to hard reboot & then on start it tells me it restarted due to kernel panic.

I recently added a Vega 56 graphics card to slot 6, and have my GTX1080ti in slot 1. I have upgraded to Mojave and applied the spoof SSDT to disable the NVIDIA from the following thread:

Web drivers are not installed & the NVIDA doesn't show up under graphics cards in system report, I only have the Vega listed and I can see the NIVIDA shown only as #display in PCI devices with no driver loaded.

I've tried whatevergreen, but causes issues with rotation settings on 2nd monitor & doesn't fix the problem. Tried different darkwake settings, and quite a few other things with no luck.

Would really appreciate any help of guidance on this. Everything else is working fine, except wake.

Attached are the problem reporting files

Report Files.zip

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I think you are misssing the method to shut off the NVDA at  wake from sleep.

Look here: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Clover-Laptop-Config/tree/master/hotpatch at the

But use only the nvda methods to not shut off your AMD.
In config.plist you have to insert the corresponding DSDT patches, add boot argument "nv_disable=1", add for nvda the add properties from this config.plist: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Clover-Laptop-Config/blob/master/config_HD515_520_530_540.plist
In graphics activate inject NVDA.
Have fun.



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Hi @styrian,


Thank you for the reply ! Yes that sounds logical that the off method is missing from the SSDT for wake. Sorry I'm not that expert on how to apply to dsl to the SSDT I have. Is there any chance you could help ? The current SSDT is attached.


Really appreciate your help


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Thanks, I tried the files you attached but the WAK doesn't comply and the path seems wrong for my NVIDIA which is _SB.PC02.BR2A.SL05


I redid the files from the original link, not sure if they are correct (attached)


I am still getting the same issue, wakes and hangs, and when reboot says kernel panic. Attached are the new report logs.


Any help really appreciated




Edit: Realised the WAK SSDT was in dsl, not ami. Have retested and still the same. New files uploaded instead








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