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CPU temp sensor


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have just installed my first ever Hackintosh with latest Mojave. for some reason, my CPU fan stops working from time to time. 

I would like to monitor the CPU and Disk temperatures to make sure they don't go crazy.

my build is this:

- i5-8600

- Gigabyte z370n wifi

- NH-L9I

- Inwin chopin


I've installed several monitoring applications (System Monitor from App Store, iStat menus and etc...).

They all show CPU/Disk/Mem usage, and iStat also shows disk Temp, but none of them show CPU temp...


With latest BIOS firmware version the fan does not stop and runs all the time, but I cannot boot to Mojave, so I'm using the basic version F1.


Am I doing something wrong?

please advice.

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You need to use sensor plugins/kexts to get your sensors fully working.  If you have FakeSMC, be sure you are using the CPUSensor.kext and if you are using VirtualSMC, be sure you are using SMCProcessor.kext.

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