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But i have a single problem, My graphic card Radeon x1950 Pro not working, It used to work good on Snow Leopard but now its not on Yosemite i don't know why ... any kext needed ??


Here the kext used to work good for me on Snow Leopard






Any Help ? :angel:


Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 5.41.20 AM.png

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I believe these very old Radeon X1xxx cards are not always well supported beyond SL 10.6.8. It's probably time to replace it... You'd then be able to get to, at least, High Sierra with the right card and it does not have to be anything expensive.


If you can post the card's PCI ids, we can always check if it's covered by the last ATIRadeonX1000 framebuffer and/or last ATIX1900Controller of Lion 10.7.5. But those old Radeon GPUs were definitely dropped in ML alongside old nVidia GeForce 7xxx and Intel GMA.

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@InsanelyMac Protégé, yes; but it does not matter. Your card bears no support beyond Lion so you have no choice but change it or stick to OS X 10.7.5.

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