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Hi guys, I need some help making a decision.


I have a powerbook and some parts for a hackintosh I'd like to build. I have an Intel D945Gpm mobo with no CPU yet. Here are my two choices, I can either:


A...Get a Pentium D 805 and some RAM and be up and running right now.




B...Sell the D945Gpm mobo and get another microATX mobo with Core 2 Duo+RAM.


Option B will cost a lot more and will require a lot more waiting (I've already had these parts sitting here collecting dust and I'm getting tired of the wait lol). Option A is appealing because I'd be up and running now. My question is this, will the performance of a Pentium D system be noticably better than my G4 powerbook? I do audio on my powerbook (Logic Pro 7.1) and if the performance gains with a Pentium D system are not going to be huge then I'd rather wait longer.


What would you do in my position?

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Hi Yoda75


I hope you can wait until 21 Jan 2007

I would recommend the Pentium 4 3Ghz HT Model 631 Cedar Mill based on 65nm ..2M L2 Cache TDP only 65 watts

same as the Core2 Dual Conroe

From US$163 to US$69




CHIP GIANT Intel has told its partners of price cuts it is readying for this coming January, as it steps up its attack against semiconductor contender AMD.



Price cuts will come on casualties of a 2007 Intel cull, with the 651, 650, 641, 640, 631 and 630 being absolutely slashed in price on the 21st of January.




refer to price list





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