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Finally, an answer for anyone with a super hot running laptop!

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Ok, so I just got an HP laptop the other day, and I was forewarned that the fan didn't function properly and you would need to invoke sleep then wake it for the fan to function properly.

This worked to a degree, firstly, sleeping and waking on every boot up is lame.

Secondly, the temps at which the fan was set to turn on was WAY to hot. Upwards of 61C. Needless to say that made for a VERY hot lap*top.


So, in my very logical mind, I said "But the bios/mobo should be able to handle the fan on its own, it shouldn't NEED an os or driver to function!".

Next logical step, find the right kext. Enter "AppleACPIThermal.kext" which is a plugin of AppleACPIFamily.kext.

Removed that plugin, cleared kextcache, and VOILA!! Fan works perfectly!

Temperatures have dropped to the low 40's high 30's!!



So, if your laptop seems like its going to melt, try out this little fix.

Be careful and monitor your temps with the freeware Temperature Monitor.app

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