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Correctly pinning GPIO for I2C controllers in High Sierra

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I am trying hard to enable gestures for the touchpad on Xiaomi Mi Air 12.5 kabylake. I've been using VoodooI2C without DSDT patching and the touchpad is seen as a mouse under system preferences without two fingers gestures, so I decided to follow the troubleshooting documentation provided by the developer HERE. The problems come with this part:

Step 2d: Manually pinning your device

We now come to the task of manually assigning a GPIO pin to your device. This is potentially a tricky task as there is sometimes some trial and error involved.

Consult the list found at this link. Look up your device's hexadecimal APIC pin number in the right hand column. The corresponding label on the left hand side is of the form GPP_XYY_IRQ - take a note of this label. Now consult the second list found at this link. Look up the label you took a note of in the list (note that 'IRQ' is no longer in the label name, this doesn't matter). The corresponding number on the right is your decimal GPIO pin number.

Convert this to a hexadecimal number. If your hexadecimal APIC pin is between 0x5c and 0x77 inclusive then this is your hexadecimal GPIO pin.


I don't know what is my hexadecimal APIC pin number because in the first step (where it says to check IOReg for the device) my TPD0 doesn't have the voice "interrupt specifiers" so no hexadecimal value.

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