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OH miracle of Hackintosh


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Ok, a simple account of the wonders of this great OSX86 community and the brilliance of Hackintosh, after reading numerous complaining posts, or repeated advice to "go get a real mac".


First of all, here's my own experience: I work freelance with all kinds of media-projects involving digital video… and after the "real" G5 in an office where I sometimes worked crashed –yes, real MACs can crash - right before an important deadline, I was forced over the weekend to not only get a Hackintosh up-and-running on my PC but to finish the DVD-project on top of it.


Thanks to the great work of devoted individuals here, EVERYTHING went fine, and I have since become a real devotee of Hackintosh. For the video work I do, my Hackintosh system really is more stable and faster that the PPC G5 I used to work on! So much for getting a "real" Mac.


As for the whiners who claim that this is all unfair to Jobs & Co. : just as I do not force him to buy a certain brand of gas for his car, I refuse to let Apple dictate to me which software I can run on my PC! Why should anyone have to buy a two essentially-very-similiar computing systems just because one software company company misuses its marketing power to sell "exclusive" albeit inferior hardware? (Okay, the Apple displays are very nice... but that's about it for superior hardware.)

The experiments here with OSX86 are a benefit to all; in the end also for Apple, as I had never before voluntarily thought of using OSX and it is indeed quite a wonderful operating system. On all types of computers.

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