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[Theme] Clover MSI theme

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Based on ThinkPad by tlock, kept the icons from that theme, added a different wallpaper and got the banner working with it.


Maybe someone can improve it and add a screenshot, not really adept in theming clover.

Attaching files appears to be broken, here is a dropbox.



See post below:


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updated zip with screenshot, finished theme.
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22 hours ago, ricoc90 said:

Just a tip for the screenshot: hit F10. That will take a screenshot and saves it at /EFI/CLOVER/Misc :)

Thanks, I took a screenshot and will update the zip when I have a chance.


Maybe someone can make some really nice icons for it using a darker red ring and basic icons for the os versions, I was thinking a dark gray ring for inactive selections and dark MSI red for active selection and the icons on either black or glass like gradient black background with the glass effect over the icon for windows/mac/linux/bsd, but something basic that will be easily recognizable with future os updates.

So probably the metal Apple logo, windows 10 flag, tux for linux, bsd daemon for bsd based or the updated counterparts.


I'll probably work on them myself when I have some time, I do have a general idea of what I would like to see instead of cobbling other themes together like I am now. XD


Still will use the theme.plist tlock made, it's perfect already and no need to reinvent the wheel unless clover stops supporting the code it is using.

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Cannot edit first post to change the link, not sure why.


Feel free to modify it, I completely recreated the icons by tlock and made some minor changes other than making the icons a little different.


iconverticons.com helped a lot with getting the icns files to actually show up during boot, which for some reason did not work using terminal and sips command.


Final theme.





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