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  1. New InsanelyMac Website

    I like the new look, but this new version seems to be lacking useful features from the old version. Signature My Content Probably more I haven't noticed yet, but the signature is useful to show your system specs when asking for help or replying to others, the my content to check for updates or replies to followed topics. Also, the gray font colors are hard to read on a blue background though the darker grays are very easy to see, is there a theme section available? Can we get these features back or are they moved to a different location?
  2. nVidia GPUs and the infamous lag issue, Why is that happening?

    I have stutter on the blossom page, about once per 30 seconds, so not sure if that is from looping or gpu. I have a similar issue with playerunknown's battlegrounds on the windows side of my hack, but that started after the last driver update that claimed a 7% gain, which was released around the same time as the driver for Mac which also has a stutter when I use something from the dock, some apps. This leaves me to believe it is just an issue with the driver, I've tried using different available bios versions for my card and the version it shipped with is the latest and seems to loose 4-5 fps compared to an older version on the manufacturers website, which eliminates that being my issue, so again I believe it is the driver and the latest version just installed so perhaps I will be one of the fortunate and everything works as expected. Rolling the Edit: It seems a little better, dock items stuttered and lagged after boot, now smoothing out with some stutter, Franz preferences loaded a bit faster with less lag, but it is still present. I have a Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti G1 Gaming, interesting the forums no longer show my signature or other useful items it once had...
  3. [Success] Msi z170a Gaming M7 i5-6600k 10.13.1

    Do you also have issues with HDMI/DisplayPort audio from your gpu not always working after boot as well?
  4. [Success] Msi z170a Gaming M7 i5-6600k 10.13.1

    Interesting config, I suppose I needed more since I am on HS. Glad you got it working, this motherboard is a beast isn't it?
  5. [Success] Msi z170a Gaming M7 i5-6600k 10.13.1

    This should answer and solve all problems you are currently facing, should also work with your current bios revision... I haven't been keeping up with the updates and am not sure if it is the same version, but from my downloads history I appear to be on the same version. @MaLd0n recently updated the DSDT and clover config for me, he is very helpful and awesome for doing this. @Pavo gave me this script to build the .efi files that I have been using for a couple months now without having any issues at boot, unlike the others you are currently trying which on occasion did not boot until about 5-6 ctrl-alt-del restarts. Both have been truly epic in getting this hack up and going and providing support along the way. I think you will find this zip to be a kind of care package of one and done, as long as you can boot into your install and drag your config to the desktop, open Xcode and copy over your serial, UUID's and other system specifics where you see xxx, it should work flawlessly. Also I am using sleepwatcher to automatically unload AppleHDA upon sleep and automatically load upon wake to make sure the audio does not glitch into a low volume state, I cannot remember how I installed it or where the config files actually are at the moment. Everything is updated as of maybe 3 weeks ago, so it wouldn't hurt to check for new versions. I am using FakeSMC from slice, it can be found on the HWSensors3 SourceForge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/hwsensors3.hwsensors.p/), CodecCommander and USBInjectAll are maintained by RehabMan, Lilu and AppleALC of course by vit9696, I could not find a updated HDMIAudio or AtherosE2200Ethernet kext. NvidiaGraphicsFixUp was suggested by Pavo, not sure if it is actually needed and EFICheckDisabler added by MaLd0n and it's purpose I do not know, but left it in. MSI_z170a_Gaming_M7.zip
  6. [Success] Msi z170a Gaming M7 i5-6600k 10.13.1

    Using the latest BIOS as of this post, no longer need to use the custom BIOS for native NVRAM, if anyone wants to know or needs the latest version of how I have things working leave a post and I'll upload my EFI folder as soon as possible. This includes a updated DSDT (@MaLd0n), config, kexts, DriversUEFI64. Now updated to 10.13.3.
  7. strange keyboard issue

    seems solved by using the second usb plug, even though it shouldn't have needed it.
  8. anyone else having the issue of everything was fine, updated to 10.13.3 and updated video drivers only to be presented with a black screen? Edit: Solved the issue... At boot in clover options I enabled SIP Allowed all items that showed up Reinstalled NvidiaWebDriver Updated all kexts FakeSMC, Lilu, NvidiaGraphicsFixUp, Etc. (those that had updates) Updated AptioInputFix.efi and AptioMemoryFix.efi Rebooted as normal with SIP disabled and good to go again. Could have been an issue with a kext or just needed SIP for a short time to get everything working together happily. I am also experiencing the video stutter and reduced performance from the latest driver.
  9. I've had this problem with different keyboards since Sierra, while I am typing the input isn't detected when I start to type or randomly in a sentence, it almost seems like the OS stops polling for input for a second or so. I tried disabling dashboard as I found in another forum post, but this did absolutely nothing for me. Basic specs MSI z170a Gaming M7 i5-6600k 16gb Patriot Viper Elite Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS - 6KRO mode Won't type the proper keys in NKRO mode on macOS.
  10. Clover Theme Manager

    Nevermind, same issue as dlstyley.
  11. That version should work if you installed the combo update, you could try this in terminal since it fixed mine once before. curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mcmZero/macOSBin/master/install_webdriver.sh| sh - Other than that if you meddled with the system files trying to make it think it was 17C88 you probably should change it back, if you updated from the App Store, install 378. I haven't tried the tool @chris1111 posted, but I did download it for the next time I need a driver updated (hopefully not until 10.14).
  12. [Success] Msi z170a Gaming M7 i5-6600k 10.13.1

    I have working native NVRAM now, using this modded bios, current DSDT does not seem affected by the older bios. https://overclocking.guide/download/2330/ Use at your own risk, but I haven't had any issues with my k series running at stock speeds. I used the M-Flash option in the advanced section of the bios to flash this, rename the zipped file to MSI.ROM and put it in a folder named E79761C1 on a flash drive formatted FAT32. This eliminates the need for EmuVariablUEFI.efi, you will need to make the changes in bios again after flashing the bios. Boot into macOS, back up your nvram.plist from the EFI partition some where safe and delete the original, open terminal and clear nvram with sudo nvram -c confirm it has been cleared with sudo nvram -p remove EmuVariableUEFI.efi and reboot. All should be working as before, just native. Thanks to @Pavo for coming across this bios. He has asked for a updated version of the bios for this board as well as his, so if one should be released I will update this post again with it. This is a old bios, you may experience problems with some hardware, but not likely and you can always update to the latest version. Also trying out OsxAptioFix-Free2000.efi and so far no need to ctrl-alt-del on occasion several times to get booted, if a better fix comes along I will also add it to this post. Edit: It's been a week or longer and OsxAptioFix-Free2000.efi is working great, haven't had anymore trouble booting. E7976IMS.1C1.zip OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi.zip
  13. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Many thanks.
  14. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Thanks. I haven’t downloaded the latest installer to make a new usb drive yet, though I already learned that trick it is good to have it readily available for others. ?
  15. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    can someone post the 10.13.2 (17C88) apfs.efi? I used the App Store to update, not the combo update.