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HighPoint 3740A SAS Controller and High Sierra

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I am running a Rampage V X99 motherboard with High Sierra. With the help of some knowledgeable people, I am able to get it to work with a Thunderbolt board and an LSI SAS board. However, when I boot into OSX, the LSI board does not work because it is not supported by OSX. I changed out the LSI for the Highpoint 3740A and now when I try to boot, my video goes blank. I think the system is actually booted into OSX, but the screen goes blank. The screen also goes to sleep almost immediately (like after a minute). It goes from having a backlight to just dead. When I hit the space key, it wakes up like it is supposed to, but just goes back to the dark backlit screen until it sleeps again.

I have pulled out all boards except the 3740A and my RX480. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this because without video, it's hard to do anything. I have tried to remove the DSDT file to see if it boots, but it does the same thing.

Do you think that some sort of video switch in clover might help? I already have NVidia off. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. I do not know if this is a video or a Highpoint issue.

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