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hp 15bs059nl macOs installation

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Hi, I have an HP notebook with Intel Core i5 7200 Kaby Lake  (Motherboard hp 832b) Intel Graphics 620 amd Ati Radeon 520.

I've trie many different kind of installers using Clover I can not even reach the Installer screen.

I always used Pandora to make the usb with usual kexts etc.. without any problem on desktops and even on old Thinkpad.

This time I must say I don't know what to do. Could someone point me to the right post/guide also for similar builds?

Any suggest is really appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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u have a windows installed? if yes, check here what device ur AMD stay

attachicon.gifDGPU WINDOWS.png


Thanks for help

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Hi, as I already told you thanks to your suggests I could  install High Sierra. Now this is the situation. (10.13.3 (17D102)). Main problems. 1) I'm not able to fix the  HD 620 (only 4 mb shown in System profiler and no acceleration. 2 I can't boot without the usb clover installation pen (I suppose since I have a 1 TB hd ) as I get a bott0af error. Then I have minor problems like audio only with Voodoo but so low you can hardly hear a sound and some minor issues. Btw I'm not really used to Clover and I did my best but without help I'm afraid I get stuck here. I hope I didn' t make a mess while waiting for the brand new site. I attach the files as you told me (don't know why I don't see the last post anymore). Thanks in advance for your help.

Edit: I can't upload I get a -200 error

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ok thanks

well I suppose I must wait for now till I'll be able to upload the files and fix all the issues with your help.

Edited by bluenote56

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On 11/3/2018 at 1:38 AM, MaLd0n said:

wait finish update site xD

Hi MaLd0n 

I'm sorry but since the issue with uploading is still here could you please give me some help at least with enabling full acceleration with HD 620 and maybe explain to a Clover newbe how to fix the boot0Af error with Clover? Thank you. Actually I can't use the laptop..If it can help I can upload a new link for the collected send me files

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