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Macbook pro's touch pad as a replacement for a normal touch pad on a Hackintosh

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Hackintoshing a laptop and then hitting the big bump in the road that is the touchpad that is PS2 and then no gestures and hacky drivers I decided to take the hardware approach:


The touchpad uses SPI or USB. 
Keep the CY8C24794 as this is the convert from SPI to USB. 
You will need to connect TPAD_VBUS_EN on the CY8C24794 (pin 4) to 3.3v as that is the voltage the CY8C24794 works on . 
I used a LM1117 to power the CY8C24794 and the touchpad at 3.3v , and the 5v straight from USB to power the touchpad electronics and the boost circuit for the actual touch. 
I used a part of a damaged Macbook 2012 MB on the back side you will need the circled part only which is the booster for the touchpad.
I will reduce the piece as much as possible in the future. 
The MB was bought as damaged so just make sure you have the proper parts if you plan to do this. 
You can use this as a magic trackpad if you want. 
The main downside at this point is that the device is not connected to the SMC and will not show up in Preferences to configure the device as a workaround you can use MagicPrefs. 
The final step will be to integrate and replace my touchpad with the macbook pro and develop a prefpanel for it.
UPDATE 03/03 - reduced the size even more
Next step would be to sniff the I2C between the SMC and the touchpad on a working model (maybe try to inject into FakeSMC so enable the original prefpane)




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I am trying to squish a windows mobo into a Pro 17" and im looking at reverse engineering the touchpad and keyboard to work with the new mobo.

The keyboard is a simple matrix design so thats easy to design a controller for. But the tricky part is the touch pad. We had the idea of dumping the rom from the CY8C, and program another one. But cutting it out on the pcb? Genius. I can't actually see any pictures you've attached. Are you able to upload them to imgur or somewhere else which is easy to see?


Much thanks,

- Jazza

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I'd kill to see these pictures. They seem to be gone. I'm having issues with Catalina on Thinkpad T580 and if the thing runs essentially on USB then it should be compatible OOB. Replacing it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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