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Dell XPS 9560 (Macbook Pro 14,3 Mid-2017)


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Hello fellow builders.

I ended up writing this comment after completing a very funny quiz. Congratulations to the moderators. I can see the point.


I'm here to confirm that the guide works marvelously on a XPS 9560, as you all know by now.

I have it on sale, as it is too much of a piece of art for my needs. Next experiment is going to be a Mi Notebook Pro, even if the compatibility of the XPS is way greater than the Xiaomi.


Anyway, you can enquire the result and consider the purchase visiting this link:



I'm sorry if this is not allowed, and I broke the forum rules. I'll remove straight away the comment.

But if not, please consider if you want to start from a almost perfect sample of hackintosh, and keep improving the machine to run MacOS.


Kind regards to everyone,

and biiiiiiig greetings to KNNSpeed and all the members who made this magic possible.

I still cannot believe how excellent the end result is.

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