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  1. Hello fellow builders. I ended up writing this comment after completing a very funny quiz. Congratulations to the moderators. I can see the point. I'm here to confirm that the guide works marvelously on a XPS 9560, as you all know by now. I have it on sale, as it is too much of a piece of art for my needs. Next experiment is going to be a Mi Notebook Pro, even if the compatibility of the XPS is way greater than the Xiaomi. Anyway, you can enquire the result and consider the purchase visiting this link: https://www.subito.it/informatica/dell-xps-9560-macbook-pro-14-3-mid-2017-torino-239523554.htm?last=1&spoint=ar I'm sorry if this is not allowed, and I broke the forum rules. I'll remove straight away the comment. But if not, please consider if you want to start from a almost perfect sample of hackintosh, and keep improving the machine to run MacOS. Kind regards to everyone, and biiiiiiig greetings to KNNSpeed and all the members who made this magic possible. I still cannot believe how excellent the end result is.
  2. Dear Munky, i admire a lot your domination of the mac partitions, and the conseguent ability to do what you want of them... But, as an absolute noob, I started to study the differences between GPT, MBR, efi and stuff...I used to move discretely well in the win deployment, but here... gosh... everything seems to have conseguences I can't do anything about. My problem (as obviously I have one ;-) ) installed 10.6.0 through this boot cd, which is the only on that worked with my laptop http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=207692 followed your guide dozens of times... had frequently problems with unmounting the partition... I even tried the automatic version, the EPOS script... http://news.metaparadigma.de/?p=1706 but it always stopped through crosschecking the partition, or, at the unmounting... then, tried with the chameleon RC5. No dice. then, tried with the PCEFI 10.5, and 10.6. No dice. then, tried a combination of everything to create the .mkext file I now manage to install all the kext I need, but I can't boot from my shiny EFI, containing everything I think to need for a brilliant 5.1 macbook, with graphics and everything... BUT... every bloody time I reboot, no matter what I struggle to do, I receive this message: boot0: GPT boot0: error I know everything in the EFI partition is in order, cause I've been studying for weeks, but I can't manage to make boot0 to read the partition and load the boot manager. Please, tell me where i'm wrong. I think it had to do with mounting and unmounting, which erases the data in EFi, but how can I work on it if I don't mount? And, other BIG problem, upon reboot I ALWAYS see the EFI partition, again, no matter waht I do. I read guides since weeks now, but I can't still complete this operation. PLEASE, share the power to do what you want! It's weeks I'm sitting here without a clue! My rig: Packard Bell TJ65 (found all the kexts, apple.com.boot, smbios and graphic ID stings I need for it) 640gb HDD, 2 partitions: HFS+ and FAT32 (and stupidly mounted EFI), GPT, with the intention to install win 7 in the second partition, but for now just a stupid FAT32 partition laying there...