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waiting for root after install went fine 10.4.8 sse3


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I need some help plz.


I can`t get the new 10.4.8 (reseed) to work.

I hope that somebody can give me a clue.


I use the reseeded dvd.

The ide drive is primary master en the dvd driver secundary master (tried other combinations to).

The install goes well with sse3 checked.

I have an nvidia card so I did not use any of the other options.


When the pc boots with -v it loads the kexts gives some errors on the usb devices but continues to load.

It stops right after netowk detections with the hated waiting for root device.

The partion is active so it should work.


CPU supports sse3 , i checked with cpuid.

I had no problems with any of the other older version.


Safe mode gives me the same results.

I went trhew all the posts concerning this issue but most of them talk about problems getting the install to work.


Ideeas anyone?

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