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Slow and stuttering video playback Using 10.4.8 ... HELP HELP PLEASE


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Im new to this so i hope im posting in the right area


Please please someone help me , in borderlline sucicidal now .


Hey. im a rrelative newbie to OSX I know a bit. but not a expert.


i recently Installed 10.4.8 JAS SSE release. Using semthex 8.8.1 kernel

I am using Gigabyte Ga-8945G mainboard , Intel 2.6Gh DualCore 805 CPU

with RTL 882 sound. and GMA950 Video.


All has been running well on previous versions.

I had ambition to upgrade to the lastest release, formatted my drive and installed 10.4.8 however now

everytime i play a quicktime video or a movie through VLC the video skipps frames and

is not smooth. VLC nearly comes to a halt..

Everything else however seems to work fine.


Please if anyone has any idea to help me i would greatly appreciate it..


Been working for days to solve it but im going mad.


Please help




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I have the same kind of problem but with the videos of youtube and other video site like.


The video starts and stop after 2 or 3 seconds...


I don't understand why, I have a good connection and 100% working graphic card..


edit: ok it works, it was a sound problem.

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