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DragThing for Intel public beta test


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I came across this handy app and I though it deserves mentioning here. It's a beta but I find it very stable. It requires QE to get maximun effects. I love this little gem. Be sure to contact the author if you find something wrong with it. Also buy it is you like it :(.


The main purpose of DragThing is to make items on your Mac such as files, folders, applications, disks, URLs, clippings, and even windows, quickly and easily accessible, while taking up as little space on your screen as possible.


The main elements with which DragThing enables this speedy access are its docks. DragThing’s docks, unlike the Mac OS X system dock, are highly configurable and you can have multiple docks, customised to suit your specific circumstances.


DragThing also allows you to define a huge variety of hot keys. These hot keys can open items in docks, control various other aspects of DragThing and even control the visibility of and switching between other applications running on your Mac.


DragThing can also provide you with a Trash on your desktop, play sounds in response to actions like ejecting a CD, and a lot more besides.


Home site: http://www.dragthing.com/

About DragThing: http://www.dragthing.com/english/about.html

Intel Beta Download: ftp://ftp.tla-systems.co.uk/DragThing%20x86%20Beta%201.dmg

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