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HP Elitebook 8470p - the better MacBookPro

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Just wanted to leave this here since i finally finished this machine.






Since informations where a bit hard to find and i encountered a bunch of problems + rehabmans HP Probook scripts leave you with a mess i thought i share my Clover folder with you guys.


I came from a MacBookPro9,1 which sadly had a broken GMUX so i needed a replacement.


This Elitebook is pretty great with 1600x900 14'' Screen it's basically somewhere between mbp9,1 and mbp9,2 High Res.

CPU is upgradable as well as Ram.


This config is for the HD4000 version, not the one with the AMD Mobile card. You don't want that since the AMD actually isn't much faster than the HD4000 but eats much more power.


With the 55Wh Battery i get roughly 3 hours out of this machine. It's basically the better mbp9,1 for ~200€ ;)


You might need to switch the Intel Centurio Wifi for a supported HP Branded Broadcom.

HP Broadcom BCM943224HMS workd fine.


-> https://github.com/dreadkopp/8470p_10.1x.x


FanControl not 100% done but should be okay + I haven'T found a way to make the pointing knob thingy usable yet. Everything else should work fine. SSDT.aml generated for i5 3320m. If you run another CPU you want to replace that one.


The slightly faster CPU (100 Mhz base Clock / 200 Mhz Turbo) in the elitebook in comparison with a real mbp9,2 but runnin 10.13.0 :





and another screen just for fun :



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clover.zipSo I purchased this laptop because I have heard good things about it. It came the other day and compared to my elitebook 8740w it left me a little sad . It’s a lot smaller and feels almost toylike but I wanted something I wasn’t going to have issues with. I purchased off eBay for a fair price minus a hdd and OS. The ad was vague and didn’t specify any graphics specs so I was a little afraid it might show up with the amd graphics. I was so glad it had the HD 4000. It came without the DVD too which I bitched about and they are sending me one. I’ve installed catalina with no probs except the need to install with bois setting UEFI with csm. UEFI without gave me a scrambled screen booting the installer. I also had to inject intel with a dev Id 0x12345678 to get past ioconsoleusers: gioscreenlockstate 3 message.

no problems installing after that. I’m upgrading just about everything lol. The cpu, ram, hdd caddy for optical bay, webcam 1600x900 HD+ display. Ive swapped out the wifi card already for one that’s works. Had to purchase a Bluetooth module as well, thought it had Bluetooth so when I couldn’t get it working I checked and it didn’t come with the module. Fml. Had to purchase the webcam with cable, the new screen needed a new cable as well and I had to purchase a new bezel that had the glass piece that covers the webcam . I put an i7 3820qm and 16 gigs of ram. Oh and to cap it off, a new battery. Lol after all the upgrades it should be a mean little machine. I already have a spare drive for the new caddy. A tri boot with win10 and Ubuntu is icing on the cake. I was able to get my DSDT patched by Mald0n too. I may need some updates to my DSDT after the upgrades. Total cost for laptop and upgrades is about 6 bones. Probably too much but i dont care, lol. It’s my little project and I’m having fun....oh and everything is working...accelerated graphics, wifi, touchpad, USB ,battery indicator, power management, brightness slider and on the latest Catalina 10.15.03..  Not sure about sleep/wake,  I’ve shut it off for now. I think I’m going to very pleased when it’s all said and done. I’ll share my clover and Kexts after the upgrades.


As promised...Upgrades are done. For anyone thinking about upgrading to the HD+ LCD, That cable through the hinge is a {censored}.

 Only issue seem to be the webcam. 


edit. webcam fixed...needed to configure USB ports. Used Hackintool. All hardware functioning. no longer using the usbinjectall.kext. Im using the USBPorts.kext I generated with Hackintool. I've included it here




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