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I think I killed my Mac :(


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OK. This is my second post here. My first was in the 4 page USB *fixed* thread.


Stupid me didn't find out how to UNDO or revert things to the way they were, before running/installing the USB fix mentioned there. As I can't access the files on the other harddrive when running from this harddrive (Windoze), I don't remember the name offhand, but I think it was USB family or something like that.


Now, nothing works. Mouse, KB, nothing USB or even PS/2 ported works at all. I've been into bios and had a fiddle around there, and I'm now booted onto the "other" Harddrive (gad, I can't believe how much I hate Windows after using OS/X for a while).


Can someone/anyone please please help? I'm off to do a search here, but please, any help at all with this would be appreciated hugely.


I just want my usb ports to work again!




System Specs:

-P4 630 HT, 3G


-Maxtor 250G SATA (OS/X)

-Maxtor 250G PATA (XPproSP2)

-Seagate 320G SATA II

-OCZ 4@512 DDR 400 2-2-2-5

-Lite-On DVDrw SOHW


Dunno if that will help with any suggestions. but a reinstall of OS/X 10.4.5 didn't work. I'm posting from Winblows on the "other" harddrive.

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Same thing happened to me yesterday and I fixed it !!!!!

Don't give up so easily.

Here is the solution and I hope it will work for you.

I am using 1.4.8 Jas SSE3 release so be sure to get the fix for your current version.

Follow this Apple USB fix:



Download IOUSBFamily.kext 2.6.1 and then after it finish go and open the files. Do not install the LOG version. Install the file without log and reboot


Enjoy :sorcerer:

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Hey Wisam, thanks for the post!


IOUSBfamily is what borked my ports to begin with, so I won't be installing that again any time soon! :sorcerer:


Anyhow, managed to reinstall 10.4.5 on another HDD, and migrated everything from the initial drive over, and all is good again.


I remember issues with the USB started with upgrading to 10.4.7 then 10.4.8, so for now, I'm leaving things alone :gathering:

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