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Greetings. I am currently pulling down two JaS ISOs, one of 10.4.8 and one of 10.4.7.

Here is a synopsis of what I have read while surfing here, please correct anything where I'm wrong:


Everything before 10.4.8 used a hacked version of the 10.4.4 kernel, which would include the 10.4.7 ISO I am grabbing.


From a practical standpoint, you don't neccessarily "need" the updated kernel, it depends on your hardware. For some people it is neccessary to get things working correctly, your mileage may vary.


I am just starting out with OSX86, so I'm not sure quite where to go. It gets more complicated: the 10.4.8 ISO I am getting says specifically that it is "Intel SSE3 Only". Am I correct in assuming this indicates the Customization packages included on this disc, or are there other differences? Is there any way to patch this disc to allow me to use it with my AMD64 SSE3 hardware?


I'm thinking I will probably have to go to IRC, but in my experience getting explanations on there can be rather difficult, so I figured it'd be easier to post in the forum.


One final question: I know it is possible to do an install to a partition using VMWare (As opposed to using a virtual harddisk within VMWare). I am curious, is it possible to make this kind of installation boot-able natively? I should think it would be possible, but wasn't sure how the OS would like waking up with an entirely different set of hardware...


oh also, if I were to get up and running with 10.4.7, is it possible to update the kernel to 10.4.8 for better compatiblity with updates as they arise?

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