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  1. LogMeIn Now Available for Mac!

    when i try to log into it it asks for my macs user name and password what do i put in for this?
  2. Security Update 2007-005 Universal v1.0

    it works without probs on amd
  3. MacBook or Pro?

    the 200mhz wont make a diffrence i can run photoshop on my ibook well and i had a 1.8ghz macbook and it ran fine on that
  4. MacBook or Pro?

    they probaly run faster on intel tho
  5. MacBook or Pro?

    i dont know where you heard that but leopard will not have touch screen features leopard is and will be 100% fully compatible with all existing macs down to and including G4 anymore questions and im happy to help ?
  6. MacBook or Pro?

    in my opinion (my opinion as a hardware developer) there is about 5% diffrence you wont notice the diffrence unless your trying to use it for games get the lower end macbook it will do everything you want it to
  7. MacBook or Pro?

    you can get the 200gb harddrive and 2gb ram less than half the price apple charge so trust me mate
  8. MacBook or Pro?

    get the high end white macbook and get the extra ram and hard drive elseweare thats what i did you will save about $600
  9. MacBook or Pro?

    i currently run all those fine on my macbook what spec of macbook wore you thinking of?
  10. apple are going to use a updated core 2 duo not a centreno
  11. thanks now all i need are the problems in my other threds solved
  12. that is no good to me i need to format it all to fat32 not just 32gb witch is the limit on the windows formatter
  13. i have a freecom usb 400gb harddrive and i need to format it to fat 32 so i can use it on windows and osx *and dont say it cant be done because i know for a fact it can* can some1 please help me.thanks
  14. you guys are my only hope i need a driver for osx for the epson printer dx3800 but i cant find one anywere not even a 3rd party one please help if you can.Thanks