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No keyboard, trackpad detected or working (osx 10.4.6)


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Alright, I'm reaching the end of my rope as far as getting my onboard input working on my Gateway laptop.


NOTE: Specs are on bottom of this post.


I noticed that once the OSX install dvd (JaS 10.4.6) boots or when the installed OSX boots, there is no response coming from touching the trackpad (it's a Synaptics, normally version 5.9 on my XP since this laptop is dual-booting) or the keyboard.


Nearly every solution posted already on this forum I've tried has simply not done the job.


My dmesg when run shows that there is no output coming from the ApplePS2Controller driver. Also, my function keys (such as Fn+F2 for the wifi) don't work either! :angel:


I do know that there is no driver coming from Apple themselves regarding Synaptics touchpads etc. in general, nor is there one on the 3rd party drivers on insanelymac's wiki or on Google!


So I guess the main problem is OSX does not detect my keyboard/touchpad in the first place! Any suggestions on this would be most appreciated!!!


My hardware/software specs
: Gateway MX6214 Laptop, 512 MB DDR2, Intel Celeron M 1.6 Ghz, 80 GB Hard drive, Dual-boot XP Home & OSX 10.4.6 w/ JAS patches
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