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  1. OSX 10.5 + Hardmod ATI Radeon 9600: Need Driver Help.

    Yifan, sorry. I am not keeping up with OSx86 right now. Thanks for the inquiry, though.
  2. rajanshah: Sorry, the kext mentioned in this thread is exclusive to OSX86 only. Vista and Windows in general will likely never be able to use OSX drivers directly, (at least not yet!) If you really wanted to use this kext, it would need to be converted into an actual Windows Vista driver. This process would be so complex that you might as well just write another driver from scratch. Is this what you meant? Tom
  3. OSX 10.5 + Hardmod ATI Radeon 9600: Need Driver Help.

    Umm...on that note I might actually switch back to an older NVIDIA 128 card (geforcefx 5200). Any luck with OSx86 on those? EDIT: I did switch just now, and still no Quartz extreme or Core image. What the heck???????? Tom
  4. Getting rid of an account on IM.

    If you put it that way, then nevermind. I'll keep it how it is. Thanks though
  5. Hi all: is there a way to delete an InsanelyMac acccount? I'm just wondering how. If a moderator/admin could enlighten me on this that would be great thanks. Tom Anderson
  6. Hi all Leopard 10.5 osx86 devs, experts and the like. Apparently my fairly new install of 10.5 on my custom built PC seems to work (for the most part) however my System profiler mentions that Quartz Extreme as well as core image are both disabled and not working at all. I have actually hard modded (flashed) a 9600 ROM onto my original 9550 ATI built Radeon card. The flashing process had no errors. I did this with the assumption that it would help me get this whole thing working. The system specs for this current machine are listed below. But yeah, one thing is right though, I can change resolutions and hertz in System Pref -> Displays but no 3d acceleration yet, or so far. I have, in the recent past, tried the following drivers: 1. Auto Install script for Callisto, Framebuffer and a certain replacement for ATIRadeon9700.kext. (various different times) 2. ATI Radeon 9600 Driver Installer package (from the Italiano section, after I flashed the video card.) 3. ATI Radeon 9550 Driver Installer Package (before I flashed the video card). None of these configurations have worked thus far. My computer specs are as follows: Antec 900 Gaming Case Pentium IV 2.4-B Ghz - 533 Mhz FSB - 512 KB L2 Cache 1 Gig Kingston DDR-400 (running at 333mhz) RAM Sony DVD-RW Burner (writes CDs too) 3 120 GB Hard drives (360 GB total) ATI Radeon 9550 256 MB Video Card (flashed to be a 9600 Pro XT, or similar, at least 9600) Onboard AC'97 Audio (mobo supplied) If there is any way in heck of getting this 10.5 working properly with full QE/CI please either PM me (on this forum) I'll find a way to reply back, or just email me: the techno jedi @ gmail dot com. It is as it looks. Except for no spaces and use @ instead. Thanks!!! Tom Anderson OSx86 Enthusiast
  7. OK, FINALLY, and for TRUE REALS, everything works perfectly now with OSX86 / Uphuck 1.4i rev. 3 and my blue computer. MY laptop will never work with it as far as keyboard/touchpad goes. I swapped my ASUS motherboard for a new one that still works with my chip, and now the IDE is detected flawlessly!!! Yipeee! Thanks everyone for your help on IDE and the like anyway! Tom Anderson
  8. How can my (desktop) computer get working?

    Nope. Unless the SIS ATA driver makes itself work with P4S8X, which I'm not sure of yet since I haven't even given it a full try yet. Tom Anderson
  9. Fixed the install problem (as far as booting) and got the MBR to be set instead of EFI in disk utility. Darndest weird thing that it doesn't detect my laptop keyboard/mouse OR the blue computer chipset for IDE. Tom
  10. Heh. It appears that every install I do with 1.3 DVD now does an EFI boot scheme. Is there a way to avoid this and use MBR mode instead? Couldn't find the option myself, at least not yet. Tom
  11. USB Install of Uphuck 1.3 - possible?

    ** bump ** Cmon?
  12. OSx86tester, you sure about that? Cause I don't remember setting my uphuck 1.3 to have any language packs on my laptop at least, and the install was fine as well as running the OS. Just askin'. Plus is it really true that uphuck 1.3 DVD loads all the Extensions that come with the disc when you boot off of it? Because my blue computer needs the viaata.kext that comes with this version for the ATA controller to be detected and for the OS to boot in the first place. Plus, If any one else can pitch in on my problem (have another thread about it on the forum) that'd be great. Don't care about anything else right now, it seems. Tom aka digiplaya2005 :pirate2:
  13. USB Install of Uphuck 1.3 - possible?

    UPDATE: For whatever reason, when I run Acronis software to examine the formally USB hard drive (now IDE), I see NO partitions listed! What's the cause behind this? The install went flawlessly, but no partition is shown after the install. Tom A.
  14. Hi all! I've FINALLY (I won't do it in bold) got my blue computer setup to boot OSX through USB dvd burner and it detects my USB HD once it boots and in Disk Utility! However, the reason for this is because my VIA ATA Controller on my mobo (like many others) is not supported. I've taken my hard drive and put it inside a USB enclosure instead. I have a good feeling it will work perfectly but only under a certain way of doing things, ya know? Does anyone have any good steps for getting a Sis648/9xx north/south IDE to work well with bikedude880's driver? Because I know that you can edit the info.plist inside of it to change the IOPCIMatch variable or whatever that was to make it detect my IDE devices. But is that all? Most excited but not too optimistic quite yet, unixedout aka digiplaya
  15. Actually I could get my 1.3 system up and running after doing all the "applicable" updates that were in software update. I believe it was something simple: had to boot with -s option at darwin boot screen (I know it's vague but I'll try to think of exactly what I did). Good to hear the news tho! Tom A.