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Ati x1600 AGP pro problem...

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Okay...so im really sad.


Today i went out and bought a Ati x1600 AGP pro 512 mb graphics card. Its not by another company...its an ATI.


I have a Dell dimension 8200. It has an AGP slot...pretty simple right?


I put the card in, reboot...and my screens are both blank, and run as if they were on standby... I dont get it? Whats wrong. My other graphics card was PCI, so...yeah.


I went into bios, and looked around, and it said something about APG aperture being set to 32 mb, and it goes up to 256. This card is 512 mb, can that be why? Or am i doing something else wrong. Please help, because i bought this card cause i knew it would work with mac, and its a kick ass gaming card for windows.

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