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EVGA GTX750 ti 2GB some guidance please


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This card is working fine, except when waking from sleep. The monitor on the DisplayPort is activated after sleep, stays black and goes back to sleep. I found out that fiddling with an HDMI cable on the card while HDMI is connected to the HDMI connector of the monitor, a Dell P2415Q, does result in waking up after sleep with only the DP connected. And it keeps working until the next reboot. (I need DP to display @ 60 Hz HiDPI)

If the changes in memory resulting from this fiddling could be saved and loaded when rebooting by Clover from the ACPI folder, I would never have to do these funny actions again.


BTW everything was OK on El Capitan, without the cable magic, but on Sierra and High Sierra it is needed.


Is there a way to achieve this, what steps do I have to execute, what to look for, i.e. a recipy, a link. Thanks for guidance!


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