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  1. The rEFInd boot manager shows boot options (for Linux Mint) that Clover does not. I have installed Linux Mint to a separate drive without GRUB boot loader install, by using in the terminal 'ubiquity -b'. (That was because in previous installation attempts the standard Linux Mint / Ubuntu install wiped Clover completely on the first drive.) The result was an empty EFI partition on the Linux drive. Clover does not find the Linux installation. But rEFInd does find it and show as boot option 'Boot boot\vmlinuz-4.15.0-20-generic' . When selected Linux Mint is succesfully booted. To my great surprise the following also is the case: When the rEFInd boot option to boot Clover is selected, rEFInd shows briefly 'using load options' and then Clover starts and shows the Linux Penguin! When I check the NVRAM the mapping table shows FS5 / BLK9 with the boot options for Linux. These are temporary, in the next boot without rEFInd they are not there. The option that Clover shows after pressing the space bar is 'options: root=/dev/disk/by-partuuid/ UUID# initrd=\b' I searched the Internet but could not locate more information about these 'load options' and the cooperation of rEFInd and Clover. That is why this topic is created. Is there a way to add these 'load options' to Clover without pre-booting rEFInd?
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    Today I installed the kext succesfully on my GA-B75M-D3H Hack with MacOS 10.13.1. The Clover on-the-fly trick did not work for me. Thanks very much!
  3. This card is working fine, except when waking from sleep. The monitor on the DisplayPort is activated after sleep, stays black and goes back to sleep. I found out that fiddling with an HDMI cable on the card while HDMI is connected to the HDMI connector of the monitor, a Dell P2415Q, does result in waking up after sleep with only the DP connected. And it keeps working until the next reboot. (I need DP to display @ 60 Hz HiDPI) If the changes in memory resulting from this fiddling could be saved and loaded when rebooting by Clover from the ACPI folder, I would never have to do these funny actions again. BTW everything was OK on El Capitan, without the cable magic, but on Sierra and High Sierra it is needed. Is there a way to achieve this, what steps do I have to execute, what to look for, i.e. a recipy, a link. Thanks for guidance!
  4. Off Topic to PlusKat: yes, yes and yes (but not Henk!) On Topic: Wake does work now allthough slower than on El Capitan, ± 10 seconds versus 3.
  5. Henk1

    Sleeps, no Wake

    finally this was solved by using System Definition MacMini6,2
  6. Can you explain a bit in more detail what I should do to run this on my GA-B75M-D3H UEFI with i3 3225 and NVidia GTX750ti? Specifically note 1. My pc runs ok in osx 10.12 except for waking up from sleep (it doesn't). SysDef is now 14,2. Should this be changed to 6,1? Thanks.
  7. Henk1

    Which configuration file is Clover loading?

    Since with the latest Clover, you can pick the config.plist from a menu, you can create fake config.plists with a reference to the disk in the filename. So that is a work around to see which disk was booted. I agree that it would be nice if Clover would just show which disk is selected.
  8. -EVGA GTX750ti -Clover 3726 /SMBIOS imac 14,2 / Webdriver 346.03.15f03 (latest) / Sierra ..323 -Mobo GA-B75M-D3H -problem is that screen does not wake up after sleep, reboot is the only option. Screen wakes up, screen stays black, re-enters power save mode. Card dóes wake up when sleep period is short (i.e. seconds .. a few minutes) -Using FixEDID? No Card is recognized, About this mac, displays shows correct information. Retina works great. Same setup wakes up running El Capitan. update Oct 15: in Console, in system log, Powerd reports after waking up (with no screen) a com.apple.sleepwake.failure with signatures Drivers Failure PEG0(NVDA). Fresh installed Sierra, the issue is still there. darkwake=0 and other values has no effect. Running without the webdriver results in no sleep at all. update Oct 25: Sierra 10.12.1 and corresponding webdriver: no change. update Jan 5, 2017: With System Definition Macmini6,2 all is well (finally!) update Aug 7, 2017: Mac OS 10.12.4 broke this. 10.12.6 is running fine now with iMac 13,1 and both HDMI and DisplayPort cables connected to the same Dell P2415Q screen: Retina @ 30 Hz refresh on HDMI and 60 Hz on DP.
  9. Henk1

    Sleeps, no Wake

    The good news is that beta's 1 .. 4 run well including sleep. But the screen does not wake up. The monitor is connected via DisplayPort vs. 1.2 and displays Retina resolution with the nvidia web drivers. The same clover version, 3676, with the same minimal config.plist works fine with Yosemite and El Capitan. No DSDT. When I wake up the pc seconds after the pc sleeps, wake up is fine. Waking up after a longer time, the monitor responds (sometimes) with ‘no signal on DisplayPort’ and ’entering power save mode’. Sometimes I have to pull the monitor wall plug because the monitor hangs. Replugging the DP cable does not help. Booting with HDMI cable results in a black screen. In the system log a powerd entry shows a sleepwake.failure with signature ‘Apps Failure’. MB GA-B75M-D3H, GTX750ti, i3 3225, Dell P2415Q, Clover 3676, syst.def iMac 14,2 update sep 1: beta 5 .. 7: no change
  10. When I use System Information to list the loaded extensions the only line that shows up says "There was an error gathering this information". This is on a recent installation using the MyHack method (I hope that is OK) with OSX 10.8.4. My hardware is: GA-B75M-D3H motherboard, G2020 ivy bridge dual core processor, GT210 videocard, 8G memory. No DSDT, sleep is working without additional or modified kexts, USB2 is working, USB3 not, booting takes more than a minute (-v shows "unknown CPU Model" followed by a long wait, ~ 40 seconds), when the desktop shows the mouse and keyboard are frozen until after a few times pressing the on-off button, they do work. After that the system seems OK and runs well. About This Mac reports the processor as Intel Core i7 (that would be nice if true!) any clues? Thanks in advance. also: the Terminal command: kextfind -loaded, displays 9 lines with kexts that have no Info.plist files, followed by the list of loaded kexts. My 10.7 Lion Hack does not have any kexts without Info.plist files. What does this mean?
  11. Recently I added a SSD to my Lion 10.7.5 setup. The SSD is now the Start up disk. I expected that waking from sleep would be fast, but it is not: first the DVD drive is activated, then the hard drive spins up and then the computer wakes up, a process of around 10 seconds. To test I disconnected DVD and hard drive and, as expected, wake from sleep IS fast, just 2 seconds or so. Is there a way to change the wake up behaviour, e.g. the other way around: first the wake up and then (if necessary) the DVD drive and spinning up of the hard drive? BTW the motherboard is a GA-G41M-ES2L / Q6600 / 4G memory.
  12. Henk1

    grub2 and efi strings

    Maybe this helps: On my pc I have two drives: 1 with Grub2 and a second with Chameleon. Mac OSX was recognized by Grub2 so there is a Mac OSX entry in the bootmenu. When selected Chameleon is bypassed and OSX will be booted in verbose mode. This works but does not look nice on the screen. I created a new menu entry in grub2 which does use chameleon to start OSX: set root=(hd1) chainloader +1 Maybe in this way you can solve your missing EFI string, i.e. first boot Grub2 which runs Chameleon.