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Dimension 9100 - Fresh Install Dont know anything about it


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*** between these astricts is what would have been the 3rd post.....


Ok, Ill cut to the chase, I've installed it, and the install went.. how do you say, i dont think anyone has ever experienced this before... I eneded up taking 12 pictures with my EOS and uploading them to rapid share... if you can look at the error messages and help me figure out what this means ill be gladly appreaciated... p.s. ive searched!








Yes im fully aware that I should search for thigns like my ati driver... but maybe you can help me...


As soon as this CD finishes burning 3/4ths of the way done....


I will reboot and install the (GOOD) Jas 10.4.8 DVD on my Dell Dimension 9100.... But I need to know how to get a few things working


1) I have 5.1 1000watt speakers, so an audio fix would work nice. (i know there is one, but i dont know what card i have!!!


2) I have an X300, by ATI, A bad one... ATI X300 w/hypermemory :'( I'd like to get it working with Quartz


3) My integraded Braudcom Ethernet, is a MUST. I need to get it working... Have no clue what series it is.. etc.


4) Dual Screens, my Graphics Card has a DVI and VGA i have heard os x will only work with DVI... etc, i need both of my 19" Ultrasharps working, one DVI one VGA if possible


5) Anything else that you can think of for my Dimension 9100? - im not going to dual boot....




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... Most painful install... Ever


The DVD installs it fine... and appearantly i have the good dvd :poster_oops:


.. .so I reboot after the install... and guess what happens....


The drive doesnt show any activity so i get sispisous... . I hit the powerbutton and the screens show a little like Cicrcle with an X or something in it... So I hold down the power button... I reboot it this time in verbose....


Now you know how when u load it in verbos it shows like 2 lines and then the screen rez changes?

Well.... It showed those 2 lines about 100 times, going at about 5 lines a second! Meaning it was there for about 20, ehh more like 10 seconds.... Then, It booted.... and it kept saying that it couldnt read or find i cant remember all of these different drivers!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinkin uhho... so now im :) and its now at Installing Base System Part 1 over again.... any ideas if this will happen again?

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