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Lenovo X270 - Sleep/Wake

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Hi all,


I've successfully installed Sierra 10.12.6 on my X270 with a lot of DSDT-edits and a few kexts.

CPU: i7-6600U

RAM: 16GB x DDR4

GFX: Intel HD520


Everything seems to work (WLAN swapped with DW1560) except for sleep/waking.


So, as I understand, there is a half-sleep and full sleep.


When the laptop is in half sleep (before it's actually gone to sleep), I can still wake the laptop by pressing any key, opening the lid or pressing the power button.


However, when the laptop is in full sleep, the power button will be blinking (breathing animation) and nothing will work:


1. The power button does not respond - but the fans start spinning

2. The keyboard does not respond

3. The trackpad does not respond

4. If I close the lid and open the lid again, the power button stops the animation (stays solid) but the screen is still black - but the fans start spinning


I've tried a lot of things and reading threads but I can't seem to work out what the issue is. It's also quite hard to debug because the only way to get my system back is by turning it off and back on again so I can't get any ACPI debug logs.


Does anyone have any idea what the issue is?

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