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  1. Hi everybody! I have bought Dell M6400 (QX9100, 250 Gb 7200rpm, 8G RAM, FX2700, but my adapter only 130W) and I tried 10.10 on my laptop. And this is my step: 1/ I downloaded from this: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/11232880/OS_X_Yosemite_10.10_(14A389)_bootable_USB_for_Intel_PCs. Follow instruction: use ImagieWriter to write file RAW to USB (at least 8G) and I call 10.10 USB. 2/ And I downloaded all djouija's file, extract into 10.10 USB. 3/ Use USB to boot Dell M6400 , install 10.10 (change AHCI before). 4/ Downloaded the newest of Multibeat and use Multibeat to load djouija's DSDT on 10.10 USB, don't forget tick FakeSMC v6.11.1328 HWMonitor and NullCPUPowerManagemnet. 5/ Follow djouija's instruction to fix audio, bluetooth, PS2, trackpad, cuda, iMessage,... 6/ Reboot. Done. But my adapter only 130W so the Yosemite receive 1.2Ghz (not 3 Ghz). I will try using the new adapter 240W. I also replaced Wifi card with BCM94322HM8L (native kext) It take me more an hour to finish. This is first time I install by myself. And I'm very gratefully djouija's instruction to help me. I found that this is the easiest to get 10.10 on M6400. PS: I'm from Viet Nam and I'm not at good at English. Hope everyone could understand all my step. Good luck.