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Killed 10.13 with BIOS update....

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Hello all...


So I had a 100% working --bluetooth, web drivers, sound, handoff, everything!--- dual boot (Windows, High Sierra 10.13) system a few days ago running clover boot loader and these specs :


Gigabyte z170x-ud3  (F6 Bios)

i7 6700k



In my infinite wisdom, I decided to update my BIOS to F23b.  Upon rebooting, I get a kernel panic about 75% of the way into the boot and auto restart.  From my searches for this issue, it appears I need the EmuVariableUEFI option now because of NVRAM support?  My issue is, how do I install this variable into my previously working system without being able to boot into it?  Is it even possible, or am I hosed and need to do a clean install?



I can actually boot into a backup/cloned drive I have of 10.12.6, but when I try to use clover configurator to install the EmuVariable on the HS drive, it doesn't recognize the new apple file system as a EFI to mount (shows up greyed out, no partition recognized)?  


Any help would be much appreciated

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hi bro, imho,  just use the installer which is includes EmuVariableUEFI in driveruefi64 to boot then using bash terminal... mount your hdd efi then copy the EmuVariableUEFI to your hdd efi from usb.

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So EmuVariable can be copied in the correct location in my 10.13 EFI? drag and drop once it’s mounted? Do you know where it goes specifically by chance?

Switch back to older bios if you have dual bios using the switch on Mobo.


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Id love for this to be the case - but unfortunately the way my MB works - it copies over the backup BIOS after the first successful post with the new BIOS :(. There is no switch to change between

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