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No sound coming from Asus X99-a/USB 3.1


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Hi everyone,

I have built X79 hackintoshes for years, but have been struggling lately with getting audio to work on the following setup

i7-6800k _ Asus X99-A/USB 3.1 bios 3701 _ EVGA GTX 1070

i followed rampagedev's guide and was able to get the os successfully loaded. my main problems area udio...my steps thus far:

i attempted to install cloveralc and got the following:
Error: no IOReg/HDEF; BIOS/audio/disabled or ACPI problem

Then, i was advised by toleda to use this SSDT:


Because I have an x99 that uses ALC1150, i was told i needed that SSDT, along with a kexttopatches edit for x99 ALC1150 as indicated in toleda's guide. this allowed the script to complete successfully, audio devices appeared in sound system preferences, but no sound came out...

toleda then informed me that the SSDT that bundled with rampagedev's guide was causing a conflict. i can't remove that SSDT because it provides motherboard support. i'm using voodoohda for now, which does give audio, but i'd rather be using applehda if possible.

What should I do? can anybody provide some links/guides on editing SSDTs?? I have attached the SSDTs, ioreg, and clover f4 dump (dsdt.aml). basically, i'm trying to get applehda working, but am stuck.

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