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Jas FULL 10.4.8 INTEL(reseed) DVD


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i would like to ask if an AMD patch is coming out

for the last DVD of JaS with full 10.4.8 intel

i ask this cause i've seen many beta testers in the irc also

and there were some problems with a patch

someone told me that maybe it won't be a patch but a full DVD with 4.5GB ..again :D

but now,there are not any news about the progress

i know that many ppl with amd downloaded it ,hope for a "small" ppf on this

its sad to have 4.5GB and you cant install to test

ofcourse there are different ways to have "full" 10.4.8 even for AMD

but a clean installation from the beginning would be better

i just wanted to ask about the progress i dont demand it

thankz and keep up the good work

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