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how can I delete .kext's


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when booting right BEFORE you ge tthe darwin loader keep hitting f8 so you can enter boot options...


type -s

then enter


then once you get the prompt type


/sbin/fsck -fy

/sbin/mount -uw /


then type


rm -rf /System/Library/Extension/NameOfKext.kext






when your done.

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Many users having problem after installing the new JaS 10.4.8 and running into kernel panic or "please reboot now" screens have to delete some kext's because loading them makes the system crash. In my case I couldn't boot even in -s mode!


So the solution, with cooperation of the irc channel:

1. boot up the installer dvd, but and get into console but not into the F8 -s mode, but wait until the language selector/Aqua loads and then select console from utilities menu.


2. using console mount the main drive to /Volumes

mkdir /Volumes/myhd 
mount /dev/rdiskr0s1 /Volume/myhd

I am not sure about that, if some expert comes by please correct me.


3. now, you can delete the specific kexts using:

rm -rdf /Volume/myhd/System/Library/Extension/NameOfKext.kext



If corrected you could even make this thread sticky because I spent half my day trying to delete those extensions, because none of the linux live cd-s can read-write hfsplus and I didn't have a windows install and MacDrive because osx just deleted my hard drive partition table :-(


note: For my Thinkpad T60 I had to delete ApplePCCardAta, ApplePCCard16Ata, IOPCCard kexts, for your specific case look into


for laptops:



for pc:


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