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Mac build with mac parts...


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Hello all,


Recently I've been wanting to get into this OSx86 business, but the thing is I want to try something different...


Instead of trying to get the OS to ignore BIOS, I was thinking of perhaps going with an EFI motherboard.


More preciecly, an Intel Mac Mini logic board with EFI.


It's basically a part I purchased from a buddy's who's Mac Mini took a plunge (after he'd voided warranty of course :poster_oops: )


He got rid of a lot of parts and basically had the Airport card and Motherboard left case was intact, but the top cover was MIA :pirate2:


So here I am with a genuine (hopefully working) Mac logic board (which I belive is Socket M, though I may be wrong).


I intend on:


1. Mounting it in a mini-ITX case

2. Using an appropraite CPU (any Socket M)

3. Installing OSX Tiger


In theory this should work right? I'm using a genuine Apple mobo with a properly seated CPU.


The only issues I can think of are the PSU (what kind of connection does this take?) and CD drive compatibility.


Anyone have comments or suggestions before I start looking more into it?


EDIT: Or I can just go with a $300 brand new Mac Mini G4 being offered by my company...tempting.

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Hey hiroo,


thanks for the link!!!


I figured swapping out the CPU wouldn't be too much of a pain.


But I really have no idea what kind of PSU hook up this mobo has, becuase I litreally just have a bare bones board. I can tell where SATA goes, IDE doesn't seem too different...


I'll need to dig around some more.



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