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FakeAppleWirelessHID: enable extended feature for non-Apple wireless mouse/keyboard

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Hello all, after buying Logitech M557 and K380 for macOS, I soon realized some Apple's extended feature does not work any more. @Andy Vandijck has posted great work on wired devices. After doing some research and comparing @Andy Vandijck's work, I've successfully enabled extended feature for non-Apple wireless devices(Keyboard/Mouse).


Here's the step of how to use FakeAppleWirelessMouse:

  • Find out your wireless' device product ID(pid) and vendor ID(vid). For example, Logitech M557's pid = 45072(0x0b010), vid = 1133(0x046d).
  • Open FakeAppleWirelessMouse.kext/Contents/Info.plist and replace all(3x) pid and vid with your own.
  • Place FakeAppleWirelessMouse.kext to bootloader's inject folder or /Library/Extensions or /System/Library/Extensions(choose one of it), then reboot.

Notice: if you install kext in place other than boot loader's inject folder, place don't forget to rebuild your kernel cache before reboot by

sudo kextcache -i /

Here's some proof of my working M557 tested on MacBookPro141:



For those want AppleWirelessKeyboard, same procedure as above.



Here's all the require kexts:




credit: @Andy Vandijck for his previous work

credit: syscl who ported it to Bluetooth/Wireless Device 



Good luck everyone:)


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Hope for wireless keyboard fake kext.




从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk

I have updated the thread, please try the FakeAppleWirelessKeyboard.kext as well.


Thank you,


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