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  1. I test again my xps couldn't recognize typec in hotplug and i must plug it before power on. I use SSDT-TB.aml SSDT-TYPEC.aml SSDT-TBON.aml SSDT-XHC.aml SSDT-USBX.aml. I try to delete some of them but with no use. How can fix TypeC hotplug. Update: And i get back to AppleSmartPS2 kext and delete voodooI2C because when i change to VoodooI2C it may reboot when wake up and come out some ERROR message when boot into macOS.
  2. I test again my xps couldn't recognize typec in hotplug and i must plug it before power on. I use SSDT-TB.aml SSDT-TYPEC.aml SSDT-TBON.aml SSDT-XHC.aml SSDT-USBX.aml. I try to delete some of them but with no use. How can fix TypeC hotplug.
  3. SSDT-TYPEC.aml? SSDT-TB.aml? SSDT-XHC.aml? May you share your acpi/parched to me to see what happened. Thansk 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  4. Hello goodwinc Does it means it dont need macOS-IOElectrify.kext anymore to enable TypeC?
  5. Clover General discussion

    I found po folder and Localizable.strings are also lack many description and i dont know how to add it to Localizable.strings with these new adding efi drivers.
  6. Clover General discussion

    @slice @PMHeart I suggest to optimize Chinese descriptions in Clover Install GUI such as Driver64UEFI. If descriptions have some mistake please fix it. Thanks. AptioInputFix Vit9696编写的针对FileVault2启动界面的键盘和鼠标输入设备的支持 AptioMemoryFix Vit9696自OsxAptioFix2驱动优化而来的新驱动,支持更多新特性,例如: 自动为boot.efi寻找最适合的内存地址,避免启动错误 当slide值不能被使用的时候提供对KASLR的支持 新增系统在低内存地址下的安全模式的支持 确保系统不会出现slide溢出的问题 尝试修复更多的内存分布问题 支持硬件NVRAM 优化一些休眠的问题(暂时不稳定) (请勿与其余内存修复驱动同时使用) CsmVideoDxe-64 提供对CSM模块的支持,某些主板若要安装非UEFI系统或者非安全启动的系统,例如Windows7,Linux等设备,需要开启CSM模块,此时需要加入该驱动以修复CloverGUI的显示问题 Clover推荐关闭CSM模块启用原生GOP显示模块 EmuVariableUefi-64 macOS使用NVRAM存储一些系统变量,大部分的UEFI主板在配合合适的Aptio驱动后支持原生硬件NVRAM,但是少部分主板不支持NVRAM或者NVRAM的支持有问题,此时建议加入该驱动,该驱动通过开机时加载位于EFI分区内的nvram.plist内容到nvram中,以模拟NVRAM支持 需要注意的是,是用此驱动,需要勾选“安装RC scripts到目标磁区”选项才有效 Fat-64 可选择的64位FAT文件系统的支持 OsxAptioFixDrv-64 Dmazar编写的针对UEFI固件的内存问题修复的驱动,对休眠支持不完善 (请勿与其余内存修复驱动同时使用) OsxAptioFix2Drv-64 Dmazar编写的针对UEFI固件的内存问题修复的驱动,在1代基础之上完善了休眠等高级功能的支持,部分机型需要手动设置slide值 (请勿与其余内存修复驱动同时使用) OsxAptioFix3Drv-64 Vit9696等作者在OsxAptioFix2Drv-64的基础之上进行了优化,修复了大多数新设备的NVRAM支持,该驱动在部分机型依然需要手动设置slide值 (请勿与其余内存修复驱动同时使用) OsxFatBinaryDrv-64 可选择的64位FAT文件系统的支持 OsxLowMemFixDrv-64 针对UEFI固件内存问题修复的驱动简化版 (请勿与其余内存修复驱动同时使用) PartitionDxe-64 支持非常态的分区配置,如苹果混合分区或Apple分区图。 UsbkbDxe-64 FileVault2启动界面的键盘输入设备的支持 UsbMouseDxe-64 FileVault2启动界面的鼠标输入设备的支持
  7. Clover General discussion

    How to bypass the apfs boot log by Clover? Maybe patch efi dynamically or add some apfs function such as apfsjumpstart.efi 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  8. Clover General discussion

    Aptio driver is to fix memory allocation error problem not about nvram. I used to use AptioV1 and AptioV2 and works well with nvram support but AptioV3 and AptioMemFix it have wrong message and can’t boot anymore. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  9. Clover General discussion

    Hello slice. I have test these case. 1.AptioV1 Works fine. 2.AptioV2 works fine with slide value. 3.AptioV3 sometimes can’t boot and show Invalid device tree for kext injection. 4.AptioMemFix same with AptioV3 but more show more frequently. I find AptioV3 and AptioMemFix have changed something with nvram so I think it maybe related with this? PS: My laptop can use native nvram with V1V2V3 and AptioMemFix. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  10. Clover General discussion

    Hello slice. A little suggestion on Clover Install Package. Osxaptio drivers family may add describe information to clover package and I am willing to help translate the describe with these 5 drivers if you want. Thanks. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  11. Clover General discussion

    What difference between osxaptiofix3drv and AptioMemFix? 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  12. Clover General discussion

    This problem happened after Clover_r4369 with new osxaptiofix2drv with nvram support. But this laptop have nvram support before 4369 and have no problem but after 4369 it can’t boot into macOS and I replace the vit9696’s AptioFix and still show this. Number of kexts and number of patches I have tested yet and have no related with this problem. Tomorrow I will test Clover 4359 with it osxaptiofix2frv and test if have this problem again. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  13. AptioMemoryFix

    I had never seen this ever until I update clover to r4369. And when I changed to AptioMemFix and the problem still have and now it can’t boot up into the macOS. I cold boot many times and restore the bios setting or reset the nvram but still. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  14. Clover General discussion

    I got a new problem and I had never saw. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk