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help! acronis booting!


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everything work fine in the previous few months after i installing OSx86 on my laptop..


but suddenly, really suddenly..


i was using windows xp..and just wanna reboot and login to my os 10.4.8...



but the screen show out

" Starting Acronis Loader...

No commands for booting operating system. Press <Enter> to reboot... "


ahh!!!... what happened!!?..

in the past... i tried thousand time of rebooting the computer and login to my osx86..

and it will load to the Acronis screen..and selecting the os i want to boot..

but now..

wt's going on... can anyone help??..

wanna cry...


just suddenly...i didnt modify any script and whatever ...

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it does that, no reason at all. thats why i ditched it and jsut did chain0. what you have to do is get your xp cd, use the recovery counsul and rin "Fixmbr" and "Fixboot" then it will boot into windows next tim you start up, then just re-activate acronis in windows.

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