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  1. sadiekiller

    Time Machine Stars

    OHHHH, thats a beautiful idea!!!
  2. sadiekiller

    Time Machine Stars

    glad you two like it
  3. sadiekiller

    Time Machine Stars

    So what started out as me trying to get the actual background of my computer to be the time machine moving stars and such (wierd i know, but i think it would be awesome) ended with me changing the flying stars picture to little mario figurines. some might say it looks terrible, but I think it at least is a cool trick. To do this, navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/Resources/ and replace the Normal*Star.tiff (where * is the color) with another image. Size doesn't matter, but it squishes and squares the image. I've uploaded the images i used. they are all sideways because whatever controls the movement and formation (I assume quartz) changes the orientation. If you plan to make your own, add a black strip around the edge of the picture before you put it in, otherwise it mirrors some of the picture in weird ways. if the picture is horizontally symmetrical tho, it seems not to matter. (at least i cant see anything wrong with the shell ones) anyway, enjoy this useless and weird hack. OH, and make sure to backup your original files. even tho you could get them from time machine Mario_Stars.zip
  4. sadiekiller

    Office 2008, Copying Apple yet again?

    Yeah, I suppose I was jumping a gun a bit on freaking out at Microsoft. This is probably just my view, but that was just a little too close for me to like it. Part of this also comes from my anger at Microsoft for actually dong a great job with the rest of office 2008, but not having a very nice prefs panel. Its a bed excuse I know, but I loved the new design for 2007 and expected just as much for 2008 on the mac. I don't doubt that apple copies designs. I mean, why wouldn't you if its a good idea, but they tend to be less blatant about it and more often than not, they improve the feature, not use it line for line. I'm not saying it has to be completely different, but I'm not going to make it look the same. I mean, I think it would have been better to go along with the new tab style of options. Make the interface within your program consistent. I've realized by now I was being quite the "OMG MICROSOFT IS COPYING APPLE" fanboy there. I try not to let that side out too much, but Leopard resurfaced it recently. I feel like a politician...
  5. sadiekiller

    Office 2008, Copying Apple yet again?

    ah well that does make sense. i would still like them to come up with their own good design ideas for Office 2008. I still want it to be a Microsoft product that simply looks good in OSX. The argument you use implies that if I were to write a program for Vista that I wanted to look good and be user friendly, I would have to go along with their theme, regardless of weather or not it actually looked good.
  6. M$ being a copy cat yet again??? I think so! lazy {censored}s also, compare it to Panther's System Prefs: so are they ripping off new Apple software, or old Apple software? either way they still need their own ideas!!!!!
  7. sadiekiller

    Hacking Leopard GUI

    I made a small command line script to quickly replace the correct scurve files. just place the new ones in the same folder as the script. then open terminal, cd to that directory, sh the script and there you go, new dock with your very own custom backgrounds. With it are two of my favorites I made today and the originals. the script doesn't back them up. Archive.zip
  8. sadiekiller

    Apple Announces Leopard!

    CURSE YOU!!! Is there no way to export those as widgets?
  9. sadiekiller

    WWDC Roundup

    With my little bit o messing with Safari I have found it pretty difficult to use. It does indeed load faster than firefox in windows, but its just not as user friendly in many ways. I also don't like the new look, too dark for a web browser. i feel like it is hard to see the tabs. granted it is still beta, but i really hope the fix it up a bit more before the final release. The only thing that realllly bothers me is that it can't open links that open to another window into tabs. the option may be buried in the custom settings, but it wasn't in the normal preferences. Ill stick with Firefox till they fix that.
  10. sadiekiller

    OSX86 on Lenovo Thinkpad Z61t

    I can bet you both cores will work, considering all the Mac laptops are now core2duos. Sound depends highly on the mobo and what sound system is on it. If the mobo has GMA950 I would think it would also have compatible sound. Even then though, there are plenty of workarounds and patches to get sound working fine for the sigmatel stuff. See above in that the graphics is on the mobo, so I can imagine it working, but you cannot be to sure. I have no idea for sleep. Again I would think that’s a mobo issue. In retrospect, it would have been best to give us the mobo info. What you might do is just try partitioning off just 2 GB of the drive and do a very very light install (no printer or language or x-code like stuff) and see how things work. If it doesn’t work perfect then just experiment with it to see if you can really get it working. I haven't been around lately so some of my info might be off, but I bet someone will correct me. Also, did you look in the wiki and the hcl's to see if your comp was listed, or at least if the components were listed?
  11. sadiekiller


    I recently saw that the xbox260 case someone had modified to use a full fledged comp had OSX running. link: http://www.freewebs.com/electric0ant/xbox360pc.htm second to last pic (lots of pics, so prepare for a slow load)
  12. sadiekiller

    10.4.8 JAS and USB 2.0?

    yeah I had issues with that too. the first time I installed the OS i used the usbfix and then the apple dev one, like you, but it still didn't work. then i reinstalled with no usbfix on the disk and did the apple dev thing and it worked fine. try that.
  13. sadiekiller

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    if you use firefox with Adblock Plus, you dont see the ads at all. also, I think it would be best to have a sample page like the above have mentioned to see if people will like it. Then you can have all the people at the site help with hte new design to improve it even more.
  14. sadiekiller

    help i'am really need help!

    right, unfortunatly lots of stuff wont work with SSE2, like i think iTunes doesnt work with it. 10.4.8 will still be better for SSE2 than 10.4.4 anyway.
  15. sadiekiller

    I have to boot with the install dvd in my drive

    make sure the hd with OSX on it is the first hd to boot. if some other blank hd is set first, then it wont work. if you only have one hd or you only have osx installed, then you need to give more info, like possible hd strange configuration, or maybe the install image you used. to change the hd boot order, you need to edit your Bios, usually F2 during the bot screen, or sometimes you have to press Esc before you press F2