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Disabling discrete Quadro 1000m on Thinkpad W520


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Hello all,


I'm stuck and not sure how to tackle disabling my discrete Nvidia Quadro card.


A quick search of my disassembled ACPI tables show that their is only 1 SSDT related to GPU but has no methods to disable card.


DSDT has _INI , _OFF, and _PS3. 


I have no idea what the correct way 

I have included extracted ACPI tables, Kextstat & Kextcache Terminal Outputs and IOregistryExplorer snapshot & /EFI/Clover folder.


My DSDT has been patched & everything is working well. I only need to be able to disable Nvidia to have 100% working system for me as it's a pain to re-enable Nvidia in BIOS when dual booting to Win7.



Any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated.




Finally got this sorted with some clarification from Rehabman (thanks!).



Scope (_SB)
Method (_INI, 0, NotSerialized) // _INI: Initialize
^PCI0.PEG.GFX0._DSM (ToUUID ("a486d8f8-0bda-471b-a72b-6042a6b5bee0"), 0x0100, 0x1A, Buffer (0x04)
0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x03  
If (One)
^PCI0.PEG.GFX0._PS3 ()



Sweet thermals and quadro functional when booting into Win7.



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