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DSDT - Still "There was an error while gathering PCI device information."

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I hope you’re having a great weekend!
I have problem probably with DSDT/SSDT. I already spent some time on solving it and after that I decided to start this topic...
The problem is that I still have "There was an error while gathering PCI device information." in PCI section:




I applied several fixes to my DSDT which I found here on the forum (lot of them coming from nmano) and I correct them with my device ids etc from IO reg.

Those patches already did something I think, because for example audio is now recognised in Audio section.





I will be happy for any help... I saw those files are neceserry in those cases so I attached couple of files:


1) origin zip attached

2) tnf ioreg attched

3) My motherboard is Asus X99 Deluxe II with latest bios 1701 https://www.asus.com/de/Motherboards/X99-DELUXE-II/

4) GPU nVidia 1080 Ti

5) HDEF layout id <00 00 00 00> (I don't have care too much about internal audio card because I have external audio card using Fireware)

6) Patches I applied (+ modified DSDT)

7) Clover config


Thanks in advance for your help and patience! :)


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