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[HOW TO] FCP First Aid


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One of the best ways to corrrect a malfunctioning FCP, TRASHING THE PREFERENCES



Rules for trashing FCP Prefeerences:


1. Do it only when FCP isnt working as expected

2. Never with FCP running

3. Never delete the folders

4. Allways trash all preferences files at the same time

5. Allways empty trashcan before restartig FCP



Ok How to Trash FCP preferences


in the folder





in the folder

USER/library/preferences/Final Cut Pro User Data/

delete :

Final Cut Pro 5.0 Prefs

Final Cut Pro Obj Cache

Final Cut Pro Prof Cache


thats it

trash them

empty the trash


restart FCP




it probably fixes any FCP problem around


i hope the moderator pin this thread

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Hi to everybody, here below my first message... (I'm from Italy...)


I'm wondering if it is possibile to run Final Cut 5 with this configuration:


Asus P5LD2-SE, Pentium Pro 930+, 1,5 GB, ATI Radeon X300


Any suggestions?


Ciao from Italy! :)

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