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DSDT patch nvidia 315m


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Hi! I have a toshiba c660-2ml laptop with nvidia 315m.

This pc hasn't a intel graphic card and for this i am supposed to use the nVidia. I have installed the natit.kext and put the fakeID 0x0a7a in clover, and during boot the natit recognize the card but when load it the monitor turn off. I think that now is the dsdt but i can't patch it. The PC work with other monitor with hdmi

Now i post the ioreg and the EFI clover with original ACPI files. I haven't installed other kext as audio or wireless because i want resolve first this issue.

Thanks in advance for the help, and sorry for my bad english.



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Thanks for the reply! I have an i3-2350m but it haven't the integrated card

Not working... The PC start only with cpus=1 and when it should load the login the pc restart 

This is the PC loaded with debug, it show this kernel panic

The graphic card is correcly loaded, but the internal monitor isn't recognized. When should appear the login, the internal is black and turn off, but with external monitor or with a screen sharing the graphic works. I don't know how i can turn on the iternal monitor 


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Black screen will be most likely an EDID issue though, sometimes, it can also be linked to the SMBIOS.


Try the attached revised Clover config.


Not work... Black screen at the end of the boot

For EDID, i have copy the EDID of this screen by xubuntu live edition and is this:


but it result corruptet, without Vendor ID and Product ID. The screen is changed by me two years ago because i've broken the original

The screen with nv_disable=1 work 

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