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SGI 1600SW EDID String

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Add this line to the Info.plist file inside the Titan.kext under the EDID0 or EDID1 entry:


<00ffffff ffffff00 4ce90016 55a1aec6 04030103 00100a00 0e000000 00000000 00000021 0800a900 81400101 01010101 01010101 0101302a 40686000 20401030 1300a820 64000000 302a0068 50002040 c8701300 a8206400 00000000 00fc0053 4749204d 756c7469 6c696e6b 000000fd 003c463c 4619000a 20202020 202000b9>


This EDID sets two timing modes for the SGI 1600SW flat panel monitor (hooked up via the Multilink Adaptor, I don't know if other hardware will work the same).


The two timings are for the 1600x1024 native resolution of the panel and 1280x1024 as well, additionally the monitor name is set to "SGI Multilink" and the acceptable monitor modes are also set.


I hope this helps someone else get native resolution on their 1600SW, and extra special thanks to Omni for adding EDID capabilities to Titan!



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