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  1. Well, this thread can be ignored now, I have a working second monitor. Apparently the video bios on my graphics card wasn't quite right... after re-flashing it the other two missing ports reappeared and I was able to hook up two DVI connectors under macOS and they both work. For some reason the DisplayPort to DVI adaptor cable still didn't work under macOS but since both DVI ports work that just means I have an extra DP to DVI cable now!
  2. I have been trying to get the DisplayPort on my GTX570HD 2.5gb card to work, but so far no-joy. I am running El Capitan 10.11.6 using the iMac 10,1 system identifier. This card is unusual as it has 4 output ports, 2x DVI, 1x HDMI and 1x DisplayPort... however, for some reason 1 of the DVI ports and the HDMI port do not seem to function, under macOS or under Windows. I don't know why they don't show up, but under Windows it only displays 1 DVI port and 1 DP port, the others are simply not detected... though the card works fine and as it can only use two of the four ports it's not a big deal if they don't work. Under Windows the DisplayPort does work (using a DP to DVI adaptor), although it doesn't display anything until the OS has fully booted. However, under macOS I am unable to get any sort of signal out of the port. I was thinking perhaps the NVCAP may not be set correctly via Enoch as this card is a bit unusual with having 4 output ports... is there any way to determine the NVCAP and Display-Cfg parameters from within windows? Has anyone had any luck getting the DisplayPort on the GTX570HD 2.5gb card working? If anyone can assist me it would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know whatever information you may require! Also, I tried downloading the web drivers from nVidia, but all that happened there was my monitor turned itself off. I was able to screen-share and reset things back to the macOS drivers, thankfully! I am thinking the graphics enablers may not be setting the device capabilities correctly due to the card having 4 ports instead of the usual three. Sadly, the main site that talks about the display-cfg parameter seems to be offline!
  3. Well, this has all become moot as the video card in my server just died so I've had to stick my extra 460 that I was using into the server so I can watch TV again! Thank you so much for your help, this problem will arise again when I get a new card for the server, but I won't be able to afford that for a while, unfortunately! I really do appreciate the time you spent helping me, so thank you again!
  4. Sorry about that, it was late and I was just going to bed, didn't notice I had selected the non-zipped file, or I didn't click the 'Attach File' button after selecting the file to upload! I have attached the file as requested! dsdt.aml.zip
  5. We may have hit on something here... I recently changed both my mobo and my CPU so removed the old DSDT I had. However, the new system seemingly worked perfectly without a DSDT and while I totally meant to look into patching it real-life issues arose and I totally forgot about it, especially since the system seemed to be working perfectly fine. I am in Windows at the moment, however, I have extracted the DSDT using a Windows utility and attached it. If this DSDT will not suffice please let me know! Thanks again for your assistance!
  6. Any luck, by chance, with my IO Reg details?
  7. Please find attached my IOJones output! Thanks again for your assistance! EDIT: My comment about you may not want the whole thing was simply because I thought that may have been too much information to sort through. The last time I played with IO Registry stuff the nifty IOJones program didn't exist, now that it does it seems considerably easier to look through the IO Registry for other people! Eidola.iojones.zip
  8. I will post the IOReg, thank you for your help. I haven't done it yet as currently I've been in Windows playing Neverwinter most of the day! No, actually, I haven't tried the 460 on it's own under OSX, however, I do know both ports do indeed work on it under Windows. Also, note that even connected to a 1x PCIe port both DVI outputs do work as I do have all 3 monitors working under Windows!
  9. I'm going to guess you don't want my entire IOReg output? OSX is detecting both video cards under Displays, however, it only shows one monitor on each card. Also, for some reason during boot the graphics detection reports my 460 as having 4 billion MB of RAM, but once the system boots it changes to say 1 MB of video ram, the card actually has 1024 MB of video ram... though wouldn't 4 billion MB be nice? I looked through the IOReg a bit and it does list two distinct video cards, the 570 (with the correct 2.5gb of RAM) and the 460 and it does have a Display-A and Display-B entry for both. What, specifically, would you like me to export from IOReg? Also, thank you very much for your reply. I have been doing the Hackintosh thing since the 10.4 Marklar release and love OSX very much, I really hope this issue can be resolved so I can once again have three monitors. I just realised that when I had three monitors working previously I was using a different mainboard and CPU, also I was using the same 460 along with an 8800. Also I believe it was probably back in the 10.7 days so I don't know if Mavericks is making a difference. There are reports on Apple's discussion site of 10.9.3 only allowing people to use two monitors where they were previously using 3 or 4, but 10.9.4/5 was supposed to fix the issue. I have my hackintosh set up as a MacPro 3,1... might that need to be changed? Or, perhaps there is a DSDT solution? Again, thanks for your reply and assistance, it is greatly appreciated!
  10. I have an nVidia 570 GTX (2.5gb RAM) and an nVidia 460 GTX (1.0gb RAM). I have the 570 connected to a PCIe x16 slot, and the 460 is connected to a PCIe x1 slot using a x16 to x1 adaptor. I only want the monitors connected to the x1 PCIe port as a desktop extension, the 3D part of the 460 will not be used for gaming. A single 1920x1080 resolution monitor is connected via DVI to the 570 and two additional monitors are connected to the 460, also via DVI. One of the monitors is 1280x1024, the other is 1024x1280 as it is rotated. Under Windows all three monitors work perfectly, under OSX is seems I can only have one monitor active on the 460 at a time, which ever is plugged into the first DVI port... how can I get both monitors working under OSX at the same time? I am running OSX 10.9.5 using the Enoch r2839 revision of Chameleon with the Graphics Enabler flag set to yes. I am also using the most recent nVidia Web Driver kexts. Thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide. Please also note that the second monitor connected to the 460 is just black, it does not display the 'no signal' error when connected, it just doesn't display anything and appears to be asleep. If I disconnect the cable the monitor gives a 'no signal' error, which when I plug the cable back in goes away but the screen goes black and the monitor enters sleep mode again. If I swap cables then the monitors switch, one works the other goes to black/sleep. Can OSX only support two monitors these days? I know I had three monitors working previously!
  11. Sadly my GeForce 460GTX 1gb card died due to RAM failure, so I had to replace it with the previous card, an 8800GTX 320mb card. I am using one of the latest Chameleon drivers and it detects and enables the card without any issue, however, there is a very annoying issue. At random intervals all graphics on the screen, except the mouse pointer, freeze... also for a random interval. Seems to be anywhere from 2 to 15 seconds at a time. Music will keep playing, downloads keep downloading, but no updates on-screen. After the random interval the screen updates as expected until the next random freeze. I believe the issue is related to Mavericks as my computer and my server have the exact same hardware configuration, and the 8800GTX only locks up on my computer, but not on the server. The only difference between the two systems is the version of OSX installed; my computer has 10.9.5 while the server is still on 10.8.2. Does anyone know what may be causing this issue because it is seriously hard to use my computer for anything other then web browsing when the entire screen randomly freezes for random amounts of time. Sometimes it won't freeze at all for a while, other times it will freeze like crazy continuously. I have downloaded and installed the nVidia web-driver, but that did not change anything... if anyone has any suggestions or questions please post, and thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!
  12. Just an update, I edited my AppleGraphicsPowerManagement Info.plist to add my specific card, and then I also removed the null power management kext... so far no crashes, I can sleep, my CPU and GPU speeds are changing based on load. However, my GPU only seems to go between 405MHz and 720Mhz, I would assume there should be two more steps it could use? No crashes yet... knock on wood!
  13. I, too, am having the same issue. Nothing suspicious in the system log either, just totally unresponsive system. If I have music playing it will keep playing for a while and then eventually it too will stop and I have to hard-reset the system. I am running 10.9 on a Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L with an Intel E7600 Core2Duo. Anyone else having this issue and/or know of a fix? I have turned off all sleeping under the Power Saving preference pane as well, so it shouldn't be related to the system trying to sleep. I also currently have the null intel power management kext loaded, along with FakeSMC. Those are the only two non-vanilla kext's I am using.