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NVDAResman.kext does not like my card!

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Preface: These observations were taken with a BFG 7600 GS 512mb DDR2 AGP card..


It seems that by default NVDAResman is not activated unless the cards id is in the plist of NVDAResman. But after I added my id, it causes loginWindow.app to hang on boot.. Remember, this is without titan or natit.


So.. without edited NVDAResman, semthex's kernel boots fine into osx.. with NVDAResman edited it hangs at loginWindow.app


Now lets put titan into the mix.. When NVDAResman is NOT edited, titan hangs at loading the loginWindow.app, but when NVDAResman IS edited to my card's device id, titan gets past the loginWindow.app, but only to hang at a black screen.. At this black screen the monitor says that it is getting input (because the monitor light is still green and hasnt changed to yellow when cable is unplugged)


Now my thoughts are that NVDAResman configures the resolution (duh) , but from what Im seeing, it seems like NVDAResman feeds info to titan after titan has loaded ( am i crazy?).. I say this because when NVDAResman sees my card, it doesnt work without titan.. With titan, it hangs at a black screen (im thinking that titan is waiting for info from NVDAResman?)


I have tested this on a CRT as well as a LCD, but only VGA connections... Anyone have any ideas?

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