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Problem getting my internets working, stupid crap...


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Yes shut up, i use a modem but its ADSL not dial up...


I connect to the internet in XP via a speedtouch USB modem, theres a instalation cd that comes with it..


I booted up into OS X and ran the cd, what ya know it has a pkg for OS X so iran it, and it seemed to install fine..


In the PDF it shows that NETWORK should recognise that the modem is there and i then enter my settings and bam im on the internet..


But when i go there it dosnt know the modem is here, is that because it cant recognise it via usb? My mouse and card readers work so do usb drives, whats going on??


My network card dosnt work in os x (yet) so this is my only option to get the internets..

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how is it a dumb question?


I have a USB device that osx86 isnt seeing..



Of course its stupid, thats a statement ^^,


1st: You didnt say what model your modem is i.e Speedtouch 500

2nd: You probably haven't searched the forums for your modem name to see if anyone has had issues with it

3rd: Most people have a modem, (you know it stands for modulator/demodulator :))

4th: Don't expect it to work like it does in winblows its not called a hackintosh for no reason

5th: Find out what your network card type is and search for it on the forums and post it here to see if any one can help you with that

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