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Dell Laptop sucesses


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I made a little log as I tweaked my system, I have a Dell Inspiron with onboard 915 grapics, sound, and lan. All works.




Removed all ATI kexts (type ATI in finder while at the extensions folder to search)

Removed AppleTPMACPI.kext (type TPM in finder while at extensions folder to search)

------------------------------------------------- Rebooted, minor improvement in Xbench

Sys pref - Keyboard & Mouse - Keyboard - Modifier keys: Switch command and control.

Fixed permissions

------------------------------------------------- Rebooted, 1 point decline in Xbench, faster boot

To enable audio:


Copied over AppleAC97Audio.kext from Darwin 8.0 CD to "/System/Library/Extensions/"

Don't modifiy any files

Enter these commands:


sudo -s

cd /

cd /system/library/extensions

sudo chmod -R 755 AppleAC97Audio.kext  

sudo chown -R root:wheel AppleAC97Audio.kext


------------------------------------------------- Rebooted, Audio input and output working

Follow readme in Video directory to enable Quartz Extream and CoreImage


I can send you my custom video files if you wish. AOL: ssx15

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Also I am dual booting with OSX86 and XP SP2 heres my guide:


It is ideal to wipe out your hard drive and start over with no partition but it is not required.

You need to find a bootable Partition tool to create and modify partitions in DOS. Contact me to get the tool.


I have a 30 gig hard drive and I created 3 partitions. 1 primary and 2 logical partitions.

On the primary partition you need to make it active. Install OSX86 on the primary active and XP on any of the logical partition. Heres a break down of my hard drive.


{If you have partitions on hard drive that you don't want to delete then make sure you have at least 2 partitions and convert one of them to primary and the other to logical. Make sure you put OSX86 in logical.}


1 primary: 8 gb OSX86 install

2 logical : 5 gb XP install

3 logical : rest Storage space formatted in Fat32 so both OSX and XP can read and write to it.


Now install OSX86 on the primary drive, xp on the logical drive and go back to the DOS formatting tool make sure where you installed OSX86 is active.


Now when you boot Darwin should come up. Press enter and you'll see 3 options, OSX86, XP, and Storage partition.



I also backed up a image of OSX86 partition before its first boot and after I got everything working with GHOST imaging program. The program compressed it to around 2gb so I got both image in 1 DVD. It takes me only 8 minutes to restore my operating system. Beats spending 30 minutes installing.

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can you post the video files? Also...just before darwin boots up, it will list the amount of memory allocated for the video card. Could you please tell us how much that amount is? (on my pc it is listed as 7 mb). Also...if you could tell us what version of bios your dell is using? It will list the bios version at boot...



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