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[RyzenPatcher] Thread for channeling info about updates

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Execute using your own kernel files: `sudo python ryzen.py --volume /Volumes/pathToDisk --kernelSwitch /put/path/to/files/remember/structure`


You don't have to copy and paste the files, just give it the path.


The reason you get that error in your screen shot is because the OS doesn't know how to handle .py files . You have to specify 'python' before the path to the script. 


I added the Files from Gigamaxx 16_5 to the Folder in the Ryzen Patcher 

ryzenFiles / RyzenEssentials/kernel16


the folder ryzenpatch is on my desktop

i runned the script as seen in screenshot and get the same Issue as motoxnate


maybe someone knows what i did wrong?

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