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Log after grey screen?

Ender Wiggin

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Hi there,


I'm hoping that somebody can help me with this:


I've just upgraded my PC to Core 2 Duo, using an ASRock ConRoeXFire-eSATA2 mobo. I used the 10.4.6 OSX DVD with patches for Intel SSE3 and i manualy installed the Realtek RTL8111B driver, and I got online. But some time later (not more than 15 min), I've got a grey screen wit the "You need to restart your computer". Reboot, happened again. Reboot, happened again. (to be continued). You get the point.


The rest of my config includes an Asus X1600 HDMI, 1 GB Corsair dual channel, 1 DVD-RW, 1 S-ATA HDD, 1 P-ATA HDD and that's about it.


I have a sneeky suspicion that it's a problem with the Realtek RTL8111B driver, so i disabeld the NIC from BIOS, and for about half an hour I got no grey screen. Then i got bored with a computer not connected to the internet and I re-enabelg the NIC. And there we go again: grey screen, reboot, grey screen, reboot...


How do I find out what caused the grey screen? Is there a log for that? Where do I find it?


PS: I'm slooowly getting the 10.4.8 Intel only SSE3 of Jas, and i'll give it another go with it, but in the mean time...

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