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Dual booting Vista & OS X


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Ok, after searching all over here, I was not able to find a solution, to boot into Vista, without having to boot with UBCD and change the vista partition to active and then rebooting again.

I am unable to boot OS X without the install DVD in the drive, I had wanted to make it boot Vista if I did not have the DVD in by leaving the vista partition active, but when I booted OS X, for some reason, unless the OS X partition is set active, it would see my onboard video that I do not use (and can't disable) and make the video all messed up.


I finally did come across this



I can set the OS X partition active, and now, if I want to boot to vista, I just pop the floppy disk in, without having to change anything with the partitions


It says this can be done with 2000/XP too, But I don't have either, So I don't know if it is the same process or not.

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